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Learn the fundamental rice concepts and techniques that help create the staple rice dishes in American and international cuisines.

Chef demos and recipes are also available for many of the concepts

Rice for Breakfast
Discover the many ways to prepare a hearty breakfast with rice, from cinnamon-scented Country Breakfast Cereal to Asian-style Congee and more.
Rice Stuffing
Classic or contemporary, rice-filled dishes add interest to your menu, and benefit your bottom line. Learn how to stretch more expensive ingredients with this technique.
Rice Pudding
From classic comfort food to upscale versions with exciting flavors and fresh fruits, rice pudding is a favorite with customers and a profitable dessert for any menu.
Rice pilaf is popular with customers and provides unlimited flavor possibilities in the kitchen. It’s the perfect complement for poultry, meats and seafood entrees.
Rice Bowls
Popular, profitable and a platform for innovation, rice bowls are the ultimate way to prepare healthful, flavorful meals in any foodservice setting.
One of the hottest items on today’s menus, sushi is delicious, versatile, healthy and portable. Using the freshest ingredients and preparing sushi rice properly are the keys to success.
Expand your knowledge on Creole/Cajun cooking with this Louisiana classic, Smoked Chicken and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya.
Explore your culinary creativity by transforming this Italian classic into delicious, contemporary dishes. Master the basic technique to create the ideal combination of texture and flavor.
Read about the history and technique for preparing this classic Spanish dish, and try our recipe for Chicken, Chorizo and Saffron Paella. This method can be used to prepare unlimited variations of aromatic paella.
Cooked Rice: A Jump Start to Profit
A batch of cooked rice gives you a head start to planning the day’s menu. Learn how to create profitable dishes like Fried Rice, Grain Salads, Rice Bowls and more.