Grains of Rice background image

Few ingredients in a chef’s pantry provide more interesting textures or more versatility and profit potential than rice. Rice is an ideal flavor carrier for the global dishes your customers desire. Consider its attributes in foodservice:

  • Rice stores well without requiring costly refrigeration or freezer space. Kept in a cool place, milled rice lasts indefinitely and brown rice lasts for several months, even longer when refrigerated.
  • Rice travels well. For to-go items, rice is the ideal foundation.
  • Rice is a low-cost ingredient that provides great plate coverage. High-cost proteins can be reduced when rice takes center stage. Think jambalaya, paella, risotto, fried rice—all potentially low-cost, high-margin dishes.
  • Rice roams the globe. It accommodates all the ethnic flavors that customers love today—from Thai, Indian, Brazilian, Salvadoran, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spainish, Turkish cuisines and beyond. With rice on your menu, you can take your patrons around the world.
  • Rice holds well and takes no special skill to prepare. Low labor cost means higher profits.

Rice revitalizes leftovers. Vegetables and cooked proteins that might otherwise have no future can combine with rice in tasty stir-fries and pilafs. That’s found money.
Rice is available in blends and seasoned mixes, yet another way to add interest and create a “shortcut” to the final dish.